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For all healthcare related inquiries within Zimbabwe.

Contact 911 Solutions for your perfect solution. We connect you to the service you need. Our service is tailored to your needs at an agreed fee.

General Apointments

We arrange appointments for you, with your doctor or any reputable doctor of your choice..

Diagnostic Services

We will get you bookings and quotations for diagnostic services eg, scans, x-rays, blood tests etc

Other Medical Arrangements

We make any other arrangements ranging from emergencies to scheduled reviews.


911 Contact Centre is a reputable Healthcare Contact Center in Zimbabwe. In keeping up with the increasing level of competition on the market for healthcare services, we realized it is about quality and in providing healthcare service providers with unlimited access to clients. The gap exists between clients requiring a good healthcare provider and actually having access to a reputable service provider, at the ease it should have. We are bridging that traditional gaping oversight by crafting 911 Contact Centre and intentionally adding value to the healthcare service industry through this innovative useful service.

In so doing we have identified you as a potential partner in our Telemedicine facilities.

We refer you to the most qualified personnel to handle your emergency. Why bother with unreliable untested referrals that end up more than the cost of the service. 911 ensures that you get more than value for your money. If you can think it, we can handle it.

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+263 785 349 339

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    There is a gap between those that require a good service and those that provide the service. 911 bridges that gap by referring clients to the best healthcare providers in Zimbabwe.

    We would like to add you to the list of outstanding service providers on a referral basis. We will connect you to our clients across Zimbabwe and internationally who are in need of excellent healthcare services. In turn we will refer them to your Surgery, Clinic and or Diagnostic Center for further assistance. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!



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