Youth Development

911 emergencies is committed to offering interesting, challenging and inspiring programs to this generation. Engaging youth to participate in quality recreational programs will shape the youth of today into leaders of tomorrow. The Recreation Division is pleased to offer youth in Zimbabwe, ages 12 to 18 years, a variety of programs and service options for general interest, leisure and physical activity.

Catch Them Young!

Our youth programmes operate across Zimbabwe, enabling young people to learn first aid, build their confidence, and gain important life skills.

Leadership, life skills and fun

This program is a structured health-oriented program that provides young Zimbabweans with opportunities for social, educational, and personal development through training, community service opportunities, leisure activities
and participation at special events.

 We focus on teaching first aid, health care, leadership and life skills, but we also make sure that our youth members look forward to their time with us. There’s a lot of laughing, as well as a lot of learning.

Little Angels 4-7 - $10/term

Little Angels is an in-school program that allows students to learn basic first aid skills. It is never too early to learn the importance of first aid, with this in mind 911 Emergencies developed an Early Childhood Course specifically aimed at
students from Kindergarten to grade 2. Introducing the notion of first aid at an early age helps to equip children with the confidence and ability to help in an emergency.

  First Aid Recruits 12- 16 Year Olds - $30/term

First Aid Recruits is an exciting high school extracurricular program for students aged 12 – 16 years, which teaches first aid to teens in relevant and engaging ways. First Aid is a life skill that saves lives and the more opportunities teens are presented with to develop these skills, the more confident, competent and resilient they become.

First Aid Club 8 - 12 Years Olds- $20/term

First Aid Club is a first aid training program for students aged 8 – 12 years. The program provides a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their first aid skills and develop confidence and resilience. As we know, everyone,
regardless of age may be required at some time to offer first aid. The program  allows students to learn the importance of first aid skills in an enjoyable and
age appropriate manner.

Cadetship Program 16 -18 Year Olds - $40/term

The Cadetship Program offers 16 -18 year olds the opportunity to learn lifesaving, accredited first aid skills, as well as having the chance to volunteer within the 911 Emergencies community at many local and major events.
By joining the Cadetship Program, each volunteer becomes part of the Event Health Services division Harare. Each cadet will have the choice to complete an induction course or complete training within their division of choice. Once training is complete, the cadets are certified and ready to attend events across the country. Each cadet will also be able to develop further skills with regular training sessions throughout the year. This program is also beneficial for students who want to venture into health/medical related studies at college level.

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