Family Essential Kit


All that you need at your site is a room big enough to comfortably seat all of your candidates. Our trainer will arrive with a laptop, projector, all training materials and accompanying training manuals…



Family First Aid Kit (Small) by Firstaider:

1 x Cetrimide 10ml
1 x Surgical Paper Tape
1 x Elastic Adheisive Bandage
1 x Cotton Wool Balls 5’s
1 x Scissors
1 x Tweezrs
1 x Safety Pins 6’s
1 x Sterile Gause 75mm*75mm 5’s
1 x Anticeptic ointment 30ml
1 x Aftesun Gel 10ml
1 x Misquito stop 10ml
1 x Sunblock 10ml
1 x Burngel 5ml
1 x Conforming Bandage 75mm
10 x Standard Plaster Strips
1 x First Aid Dressing no.3
Includes Ohana Family Bag with First Aid Keychain & Guide


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